Thank you for taking time to view my Paintings & Sculptures. 

My Soft Sculptures are made in Crochet. They are inspired by forms and processes from nature such as metamorphosis, the abrupt change in the animals body, the cell growth and the development after birth. I want the viewer to think about what they are and how they have been formed to do what they do… I want to emphasize the celebration it can be to be alive as well as the imminent death of all living creatures.

My canvas is a dance of elements. In a way you can say I control not only the clashing of the elements but the colours are in a dialogue rather than clashing. I want my celebration for nature to be something more permanent, that what are used nowadays, I want people to have a first look and know they will come back and look again and they will find something new, something that they didn't perceive the first time, nowadays we just flick through things and social media looking for more excitement, when the real excitement is actually there in Nature!